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Information about medicines, medical products, cosmetics.

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1) Extraction and galenics from one source
2) Shingles. Scientific studies
3) Herpes labialis. Scientific studies
4) Traumaplant Symposium
5) GMP-compliant extraction
6) From the plant to the finished product.
7) Product innovations. Batch sizes
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Catalogues and flyers for selction and order.
  8) Hintonia extract Type-2 diabetes?
  9) Hedera helix extract. Applications
10) Cistus extract
11) Thyme extracts. Clear airways
12) Pelargonium sidoides extracts
13) Passiflora incarnata extracts
14) Plantago lanceolata extracts
15) Curarina creme vitamin E natural
16) Curarina ointment echinacea
17) Dermolaval. Acne? Skin problems?
18) Dermolaval. Against dandruff
19) Herpetino lip balm
20) Shingles lotion
21) Sensicutan Neurodermitis
22) Phytoextracts especially for the cosmetics
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Catalogues and flyers for selection and order.