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Founding of Gehrlicher GmbH & Co. KG
The history of Gehrlicher Extrakte begins in the Schwabing borough of Munich. The business was founded by Heinz Gehrlicher. Successful products at that time: Valerian drops, ginseng extracts.
Establishment of production in Eurasburg.
The capacity of the facility in the heart of Munich
was no longer sufficient to meet the increasing demand for
phytoextracts. Heinz Gehrlicher built a new plant in Eurasburg in compliance with environmental regulations. The Eurasburg site started with the production of phytoextracts and phytopharmaceuticals.
Transition to Gehrlicher GmbH.
Production of alcohol-free plant extracts.
Thanks to consistent further development, Gehrlicher Pharmazeutische Extrakte GmbH has
vast expertise when it comes to manufacturing alcohol-free
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special herbal extracts. Thyme and ivy extracts deserve a particular mention. These are used in the children's cough syrups of well-known brand suppliers.
The high quality of these alcohol-free Gehrlicher extracts has become known around the world and enjoys particular popularity in Arabic-speaking countries.
Expansion of the production site
Ongoing growth and increased demands on the production environment called for an expansion of the laboratory and production rooms.
At the same time, the foundations for subsequent GMP certification were being laid by compartmentalising individual production areas and building a clean room area.
Expansion of production.
Additional extraction plants were added to the site. Furthermore, spatial foundations were laid in the active ingredient area in order to obtain GMP certification following years of GMP-compliant production processes.
GMP certification.
Gehrlicher Pharmazeutische Extrakte obtains GMP certification, thus confirming the necessity of “Good Manufacturing Practice”
when producing phytoextracts, tinctures and phyto-active ingredient complexes – requirements the company has been putting into practice for decades.
Gehrlicher celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Gehrlicher Pharmazeutische Extrakte GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company supplies more than 500
phyto-based products to customers in over 50 countries. This was also a time of many publications and patents.
Expansion of production.
Following the ever-growing demand for special herbal extracts in medicinal quality, a new laboratory and a facility for the production of tinctures were set up.
Gehrlicher. Development to meet new challenges.
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Gehrlicher Pharmazeutische Extrakte GmbH.
As a medium-sized company, Gehrlicher is a family business and independent of any group. Its production site is in Eurasburg, south of Munich. Gehrlicher has been producing phyto-active ingredient complexes, extracts, tinctures and pressed juices from indigenous and exotic drugs for over 50 years. Our customers and partners are businesses
in the pharmaceutical industry, dealing with the manufacture of medicines and medical products, the cosmetics industry
and providers of health foods, health supplements and nutrition products, as well as dietary supplements.
Gehrlicher is closely linked to nature, which is the basis of the company ideology of sourcing its raw materials and organically cultivated medicinal plants. The origin and source
of wild harvesting is often questioned. We extract the plant material in a natural and very gentle way in order to preserve their valuable and effective ingredients and to extract as much as possible from the medicinal plants.
Active Substance "Nature". Extraction and galenics – everything from one source.
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Gehrlicher has
a highly efficient production site.
All plants in Upper Bavarian Eurasburg are situated in a vast area and are therefore perfectly suited for all tasks and functions – from the labs, the individual production facilities, raw material storage, logistics, right up to the management processes.
Plant with a high capacity and excellent efficiency.