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Phytoextracts for cosmetics.
Effective and kind to skin: Extracts and tinctures from medicinal plants have been examined pharmacologically, biochemically and analytically to demonstrate
their efficacy aims.

These scientific medicinal and pharmaceutical findings result in the consideration of these phytoextracts for use in cosmetics in order to apply the researched and now known pharmacological effects to
improve the appearance of ageing, the formation of wrinkles, redness and inflammation and various skin anomalies.

Galenic variants.
Different galenic forms and variants of the extracts are required to manufacture the finished cosmetic product. The active ingredients from the medicinal plants, i.e., the phytoextracts for
cosmetics, must be adapted to suit the end product in terms of their physical and chemical composition.
Gehrlicher adapts to the different variations during production for the cosmetics industry. Depending on the physical consistency and composition of the cosmetics,
different galenic extracts are necessary for the different cosmetic end products.

Depending on their composition and form, phytoextracts can be incorporated directly into the finished product.
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