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Extracts and tinctures.

extrakte tinkturen
Extracts in all galenic forms.
Extraction is carried out with ethanol, purified water
and ethanol-water mixtures.
Dry extracts and spissum extracts.
For siccum and spissum extracts, different inert substances are used based on your formulation.
For siccum extracts, these are usually maltodextrin, dextrin, lactose, aerosil, dicalcium phosphate, glucose, glucose syrup, or inert substances according to your particular formulation.
Extract examples: Hedera, cetraria, malva, sabal and cistus.
Fluid extracts and tinctures.
DThe selection of solvent is based on the monographies of the internationally recognised
pharmacopeias or on your formula and the specifications in your approval.
Fluid extract examples: Passiflora, thyme, plantago
Tincture examples: Arnica, myrrh, chamomile, benzoin

Glycolic extracts.
For the cosmetics industry in particular, but also for non-alcoholic drops and juices, extracts are produced directly from the drugs with propylene glycol, glycerol or, using a suitable extraction agent, the extract is taken up after concentration in propylene glycol or glycerol.
Extract examples: Thyme, ivy, pelargonium, cetraria, malva

Oily extracts.
Gehrlicher produces plant extracts on a neutral or natural oil basis for ointments, emulsions and
lotions. These are also produced for direct insertion into gelatine capsules or, for other galenic special preparations,
into an oily solution after a special process for high-quality extracts. Drugs with lipophilic active ingredients
are either extracted directly with the oil or dissolved in the various oils following ethanolic extraction and
Extract examples: Oleum hyperici, oleum camomilla, oleum calendula
Special mixed extracts.
By using suitable means of extraction from complex drug mixtures – lipophilic
and hydrophilic – Gehrlicher can produce an extract that will obtain the different active ingredients and, though either single-phase or multi-phase extraction, achieve the best extract from the drug mixture – extracted according to your specifications, your formula and adapted to suit your registration or approval. Mixed extract examples: Sabal.
oelige extrakte
A vast range of special and high-quality extracts.